To Whom It May Concern:


My mother has been in the care of Tessa's Adult Care Home for the last three years.  Tessa and Heidi have provided exemplary care for her since the day she moved in, and continue to do so today.  The level of care is very high, both from a medical and from a "level of caring" view point.  The house is always very clean and quiet, and the food is nourishing and plentiful.

My mother has been in two other homes prior to Tessa's, and my wife and I looked at number homes before moving her into Tessa's.  Neither of the homes she was in before, not any that we looked at were anywhere near the caliber of Tessa's. 

I recommend Tessa's without hesitation - my wife and I often remark what an incredibly fortunate day it way the day we found Tessa's.

Please do not hesitate contact us at (907)282-8004 if you have questions or would like any further information.


Doug Merrill

4236 Rockview Court

Ft. Collins, CO  80526

Dear Tessa,

It is hard to find words to express how grateful I am for the loving care you and Heidi have given to my mom over the last three years.  My only regret is that it took moving mom three times before we found your home.  I especially want to thank you for your unending patience.  Mom is more than difficult, because of her anxiety and fear since her stroke.  But you manage to calmly comfort her and get through each trial.

I tried to care for her at home, I was overwhelmed.  At first I felt guilty for not doing it myself.  Now I know that the care you give is best for her, and the time I spend with her is for visiting or playing a game.  We both look forward to our time together and I always feel welcome in your home.  

Another thing that sets your home above the others is your good cooking.  Even though mom has to have her food pureed she still enjoys her meals.

If ever I can help you by giving a reference please don't hesitate to give out my name and number, or share this letter.  Again, thank you, and may God bless you for your kindness.


​Beverly Lavdas

To Whom It May Concern:

My mother has been living at Tessa's Adult Care Home for over three years.  I am convinced we could not have found a better place for her.  She is frail and needs a lot of personal attention when it comes to her diet, hygiene and over-all supervision.  Tessa and Heidi have not only seen to all her physical needs; they also provide a cheerful, possitive atmosphere.

Tessa and Heidi have been the best kind of care-givers.  They are like family to us.  They have certainly treated my mother like family and she loves being there.  I know she would not have felt as at home anywhere else.  We are thankful that these women have dedicated their lives to such a worthy and desperately needed service to the elderly.


Ed Rekola

Daniel R. Merrill, Ph.D.

2809 South 1500 East

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

To Whom It May Concern:

​It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Tessa's Adult Care Home.  My mother has been living at Tessa's for a number of years, and our family has been consistently impressed with the level of care she has received.  My mother has been in a total of three long-term care facilities.  Our family sought new homes twice due to the poor care which she was receiving in the prior two, and it is a welcome relief that we came upon Tessas's, which stand out above and beyond the level of other facilities we researched.  In particular, Tessa herself gives an exceptional level of personal care commitment that is lacking in other homes.  Tessa tends to Mom's individual needs in a compassionate and caring way.  The facility is well organized and care has always been provided in a most reliable and competent manner.  I would not hesitate to recommend Tessa's Adult Care Home to others who are seeking care for a loved one.  


Dr. Daniel R. Merrill

I have greatly appreciated the care my mother has received while at Tessa's.  When she moved in her condition was worse than I thought.  Originally she was having problems with waking and wandering during the night.  I was impressed with time and ideas Tessa committed to her to help her with the adjustment.  I was particularly glad that Tessa tried creative ideas instead of just medicating her, even though I know Mom kept her up a lot of nights.

The patience and case demonstrated by Tessa, Heidi and the other staff have let me feel confident that when I'm not there Mom is still receiving quality care.  Knowing she gets her medications as needed and always seems to enjoy the food is a relief.  Tessa also works well with the hospice professionals that visit, and they speak highly of her.  This situation would have been a lot harder without the compassionate care I found for her at Tessa's.


Randi Hagen 


My name is Connie McGarry, I am the daughter of Nick Varekamp and he lives at the Adult Care Home of Tessa Smith and Heidi her mother...

I am happy to report the wonderful, warm, loving attentive care that my elderly father Nick gets daily in this home,  I have complete peace of mind with my father in the care of Tessa and Heidi.  I see Tessa and Heidi day after day providing for the needs of the people in their care.  Very dependable, professional and full of genuine love and concern.  They provide fresh home made meals putting much preparation and work into making sure all people in their care eat healthy daily.  Also I see a very clean home so all can be free of germs.  I also observe individual attention, encouragement, and concern for health and safety daily for all.  This is an atmosphere any one would want their loved ones in.  They go the extra mile here!!.

In the past 6 months my father Nick has lived here he has had to endure some the tough health problems the elderly face, like Dementia that causes him to have distrubing thoughts at times and even a 911 situation when her had to be rushed to the emergency room concerning a heart problem he has.  But thru all of this Tessa was right there for him knowing just what to do giving the care and understanding he needed to get thru it all.

I can not say enough for Tessa and her mother Heidi--they are a rare find.  

Those who live their care are most fortunate.  I can go to sleep at night knowing my elderly father will be well taken care of 

-Connie McGarry

To Whom It May Concern:

We visited many adult family homes before choosing to move our mom to Tessa's Adult Care Home.  We were looking for a place that we could be confident in her getting quality care, in a loving family type setting.  What we found in Tess'as was a warm, comfortable home, and we were always happy with the care they provided for our mother.  Some of the qualities that we noticed were:

Caregivers: Not only did Tessa and Heidi provide quality care, they actually cared for our mom as a person.  Tessa also hired excellent help that extended the same quality care so we knew Mom was well taken care of no matter who was working at any time.

1)  Food: One thing we noticed right away was the quality of food provided every day.  They always used fresh produce and served nutritious, tasty meals cooked from scratch.

2)  Social/Exercise: Tessa provides a large "family room" environment in which the residents can gather to listen to mucic, or visit with each other.  In addition, someone came in a regular basis to help the resident maintain regular exercise designed for their physical abilities.  They also exercised the residents' minds by playing games such as Bingo.  Tessa also made the effort to have a birthday party for the resident on their birthday.  The residents also had the opportunity to socialize with each other during meal periods because the meals are served family style with everyone sitting around the table.

3)  Cleanliness: We were very pleased with the cleanliness of the facility at all times.  They always kept Mom clean and some of the girls even manicured her nails.

4)  Private Space:  We looked for a place that Mom would not only have a place to socialize with others, but would also have private space that she could think of as her home.  She had a prive room at Tessa's with cable TV, and we were able to bring in many of her personal items to help her think of the as "home".

5)  Quality of care:  It was clear that Tessa had a lot of training in how to handle the elderly, and knowledge of rehabilitive therapies.  When Mom got where she could no longer walk or do things on her own,  Tessa and her staff had the equipment and the knowledge to be able to handle her so that we didn't have to worry about being hurt or falling.  Tessa was trained in care for dementia patients, which can be a challenge.  Tessa follows through when it comes time for the end of life, and provides very caring and wonderful suppport for the family.  

In summary, we are very happy to have found Tessa's Adult Family Home, with the quality of the caregivers she employed to care for our mom during the last two years of her life.  We have no regrets in our decision and know our Dad would have been pleased with the quality of care we were able to find for her.  We would be happy to recommend Tessa's to anyone looking for quality home for their loved one.


Dean and Sherry Leach

Brenda Andrews